Grandpa/Abuelo book
Author: Amy Costales
Illustrator: Alexandra Artigas
Luna Rising 2007
ISBN 10:0-87358-888-6

Junior Library Guild Premier Selection 2007
Latino Family Book Awards Honorable Mention 2007
New Mexico Book Awards Finalist 2008

Lupe and her best friend make play believe and have a spat and make up. ...especially appealing to young girls and adults looking for narratives in which girls are strong characters with intelligence and spunk. --Foreword Magazine

Children will enjoy the bright, colorful illustrations as well as the adventures of Lupe and Maritza.--ArmChairInterviews

I started Lupe Vargas and Her Super Best Friend after giving my students a writing assignment while teaching Spanish in Thailand. I told my students to write about a childhood friend. My intention was for them to practice past tense verbs. I gave them examples, talking about my own childhood friend. That got me thinking, and while my students were writing, I picked up a pen and started this picture book. I wrote about the funny things we used to do, our neighbor and the day we had a fight. What started as a lesson on using past tense became a picture book! Lupe Vargas and Her Super Best Friend is the story of two girls who play, argue and make up. This story celebrates childhood, the deeply imaginative part of a child's life, free time that is not controlled or planned by an adult, and spunky girls. Most importantly, the book teaches kids to apologize, and to accept a sincere apology. I like that this story about two Latina girls has a universal theme. Latino kids, like all kids, should be able to pick up a book and see themselves reflected there as simply children.

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